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Tokens (Consumable)

Purchasing a tag token enables you to create your own custom tag which you can then use network wide. Whether you just want a fancy tag or an extension of your nickname, this is certainly going to make you stand out!



/tag - See all tag commands

/tag balance - Shows you how many tag credits you have available (1 credit = 1 custom tag)

/tag create <tag with color codes and brackets> - Create a tag for 1 credit. The tag will be available for use instantly. 

Example usage: /tag create &eBanana



- Tags must be no longer than 16 characters, color codes excluded

- Tags must not contain profanity or impersonate staff

- Tags must not be a copy of existing tags (except other custom tags)

- Tags must not contain reserved words

Reserved Words:

- Youtube, Youtuber, YT (reserved for content creators)

- Streamer, Twitch, TTV (reserved for content creators)

Failure to follow the rules will result in us either deleting the tag and giving you the token back (mistake) or us deleting the tag and not giving you the token back (purposeful rule breaking)

1x Custom Tag Token
4.00 2.00 USD
3x Custom Tag Tokens
10.00 5.00 USD