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Join our Discord!

Enjoy the server and wish to support it thru a small monthly subscription? If so, you can do so here


  • Access to private discord channels with other platinum members & staff!
  • Ability to change your own discord nickname at any time!
  • Access to private discord polls and sneak peaks!
  • Your name and streak displayed to the world on the web page for the duration of your subscription!
  • Unique in-game Platinum tag with the ability to select its color! (/tag select)
  • Access to chat colors in chat! (/chatcolor)
  • Grants you a bypass for the login checks (having to move before chatting), allowing you to use minechat.

A few notes:

  • If you do not renew at any point, your streak will be lost and you will be removed from the web page.
  • The web page displays the subscribers by streak and seniority, meaning if two people have the same amount of months, the person who bought it/renewed it first will be ahead.
  • In order to use the discord perks you have to link your minecraft account to your discord one by doing "/discord sync discord#handle", for example "/discord sync fergydanny#0001".
  • This rank will never be on sale.
Platinum [Monthly]
5.00 USD
Platinum [Yearly] [12 Months for the price of 10]
50.00 USD