Enjoy the server and wish to support it thru a small monthly subscription? If so, you can do so here


  • Access to private discord channels with other platinum members & staff!
  • Ability to change your own discord nickname at any time!
  • Access to private discord polls and sneak peaks!
  • Your name and streak displayed to the world on the web page for the duration of your subscription!
  • Unique in-game Platinum tag with the ability to select its color! (/tag select)
  • Access to chat colors in chat! (/chatcolor)
  • Raised alt limit of 8 accounts instead of 5!
  • Grants you a bypass for the login checks (having to move before chatting), allowing you to use minechat.

A few notes:

  • If you do not renew at any point, your streak will be lost and you will be removed from the web page.
  • The web page displays the subscribers by streak and seniority, meaning if two people have the same amount of months, the person who bought it/renewed it first will be ahead.
  • In order to use the discord perks you have to link your minecraft account to your discord one by doing "/discord sync discord#handle", for example "/discord sync fergydanny#0001".
  • This rank will never be on sale and will only be available thru paypal as paygol does not have a subscription system.
  • To benefit from the alt limit raise, the account with platinum has to be online before the extra accounts log in. This effect does not stack for every alt, it is per ip so even if you have multiple platinum accounts on, your limit will be 8.
Platinum [Monthly]
5.00 USD
Platinum [Yearly] [12 Months for the price of 10]
50.00 USD