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Welcome to our webstore!

Make sure to read the following before making any purchase.

Broadcast: Upon payment you will receive a message only visible to you in chat thanking you, you may choose to click on it for it to be broadcasted to the server. Its entirely your choice.

Payment Types:

  • (Permanent) Categories marked as permanent contain items/perks that will persist thru server resets.
  • (Consumable) Categories marked as consumable contain items/perks that will not be resent thru server resets. This means that you will only have it for the current version you purchased it.

Refund Policy:

We employ a strict no-refund policy. This means that no transaction will be refunded under any circumstances. You agree to this by accepting our terms and conditions before every purchase and any attempt at regaining the funds via fraudulent disputes will have your account permanently banished from any and all of our services.


Failure to have enough free space in your inventory at the time of the purchase will result in lost items. Please make sure you do have enough space if the item you are buying requires such.

We do not do any transfers at all (this means no inter-account transfers or any trades between perks)

If another player purchases something for you and you do not ask us to remove it from your account, you are held liable in the event that the player disputes the transaction, so please refrain from accepting donations/gifts from people you do not trust.


If you encounter any issues, email the support and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Support email: support@momentonetwork.net

Eula Compliance:

We aim to comply with mojangs latest EULA. If something on our behalf is unsatisfactory, please email compliance@momentonetwork.net ASAP and we will correct it as soon as possible.